With ALPEN AIR you fly CO2-neutral over the alpine panoramic sights of Bavaria!

At ALPEN AIR it is important to us...

… that we make our contribution to preserving the spectacular natural world which enjoy so much. That’s why we want to fly as resource-conserving as possible.

In all aspects of our operation, we try to make our flight operations sustainable.

ALPEN AIR is excited to be the European launch customer of the TECNAM P2012 Traveller passenger aircraft, which is the most modern and economical aircraft in its class. It consumes about 30% less energy than comparable aircraft (e.g. Cessna Caravan 208B).

Proud to be leading the way in this field, we work in close exchange with the aircraft manufacturer, to make our operational experience available for future efficiency improvements and the benefit of all. In addition we have developed a range of environmentally responsible administrative practices, including a green server for IT.

But of course, despite our best efforts, we consume fuel and emit CO2.

ALPEN AIR Tecnam P2012 in der Sonne
Alpen von oben Fensterplatz Rundflug Maschine der Alpen Air

So in order to compensate fully for this unavoidable emission, we will continue to have them calculated.

We then offset our calculated climate footprint annually by committing to selected projects from our partner First Climate.

First Climate has been working with airlines to reduce their carbon footprint for over a decade, and also assists the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), particularly in the development of its Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Our ALPEN AIR certificate for CO2-neutral flight operations is available here.

ALPEN AIR supports the following projects with corresponding United Nations Sustainability Goals to offset unavoidable emissions:

Fensterblick ALPEN AIR Rundflug große Fenster

But in addition to maximum efficiency and CO2 compensation, we have set ourselves much more ambitious goals.

In 2-3 years, ALPEN AIR will participate in the testing of a fully synthetic fuel that is produced completely CO2-neutral with solar energy from biomass.

ALPEN AIR is proud to announce that it will be an important partner in the research project from the beginning and introduce this sustainable aviation fuel as a launch customer.

ALPEN AIR P2012 Propeller im Sonnenlicht