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ALPEN AIR is the result of the many years of professional aviation experience of company founders Simon Ambrosius and Moritz Reuter. “The ALPEN AIR company was born when we discovered the innovative and comfortable TECNAM P2012 Traveller aircraft. It provided us with the secret ingredient needed to successfully combine our extensive experience of providing extraordinary sightseeing flights through the Alps to countless happy faces with professional airline management.”


We fly CO2 neutral!

At ALPEN AIR it is important to us that we make our contribution to preserving the spectacular natural world which enjoy so much. That’s why we want to fly as resource-conserving as possible.

Our aircraft

The TECNAM P2012 Traveller twin-engine commercial aircraft is the most modern, comfortable and fuel-efficient aircraft in its class.

The founders of ALPEN AIR

Simon Ambrosius
founder, shareholder, pilot

Out of my love of nature and the mountains, my passion for the feeling of freedom which comes from flying and my commitment to highly professional airline management and safety, I founded ALPEN AIR, with my colleague Moritz.

Ever since I can remember, I have taken every opportunity to spend time in the mountains. For over 40 years I have used my free time skiing, mountain hiking and paragliding. After I left school, I moved from northern Germany to the foothills of the Alps to be closer to the mountains. My family and I can’t imagine living anywhere other than the area between Munich, the Bavarian lakes and the mountains.

As a ski guide and instructor, my focus has been to make intense nature experiences accessible to others and to convey my love of the mountains to others. In doing so, it has always been important to me to respect nature and to take responsibility for the safety of the group without compromising the beauty of the experiences – in the snow, on the mountain and in the air. My background as a paraglider has shown me the exquisite joy of admiring the world from above, yet at close range. To soar with giant birds of prey over ridges and mountain peaks. To experience the dynamics of nature at first hand has become my philosophy of life, and the reason I wanted to share my passion with our passengers as we fly them over the country I love so much from the safety of our beautiful aircraft.

After training as a commercial pilot and obtaining a master’s degree in air transport management, I have flown as a commercial pilot for over 20 years. In an aviation management role, I have also been responsible for accident research and prevention.

I share my passion for flying in the landscape with my fellow senior pilot Moritz, whom I have known since the beginning of my flying career. Together we have created ALPEN AIR – a professional service which makes what we believe to be the most beautiful thing about flying accessible to our guests.

Moritz Reuter
founder, shareholder, pilot

With a lot of heart and soul and a great deal of work with my long-time colleague Simon, our high-quality airline was created, using the exquisite characteristics of nature as our role model.

Flying has always been at the centre of my life. After my first flight at the age of 5, I said to my parents, “I’d love to do that every day!” To this day, nothing has changed.

At the age of 15, I started glider training in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. There, not only did my enthusiasm for flying solidify, but I was also gripped by the fascination of the mountains from the air, which have their own unique charm at every time of day and in every season.

Soon after, I qualified for my private pilot license. After school and time in the Airforce, I started my qualification for a pilot. My professional dream was realised at the age of 23 when I became a commercial pilot and later captain.

In addition to my many years of experience as an professional pilot flying large aircraft internationally, I have retained a passion for flying smaller planes in my home country. Although I have been lucky enough to discover many beautiful places around the world on land and from the air, I have yet to discover an area that offers as much wealth of beauty and variety as the Munich foothills of the Alps and also the Alps.

My vision in founding ALPEN AIR has been to provide other people with the unforgettable experience and pure joy of flying in the landscape which I love, through a professional and sustainable flight operation.

We bring our guests closer to the breathtaking Alps

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